22 юни 2009

WTF Religious Moment of the Day

Religious freaks bring joy to my life (that's when they are not trying to commit suicide bombings or actively chasing me to save my soul). Thanks to people like Larry Van Pelt, who woke up one cold night in 1987, and decided to acknowledge his deep faith in Jesus by drawing 50 scatches depicting Christ's presence in the lives of everyday regular folks. So if you ever wondered what your life would be if you were stalked by a creepy-looking hippi guy, here we go:

The Body Builder: The Hippi dude stambled upon a gym with a bunch of steroid dudes. What is he holding in his hands? The look on his face says "Yo, you are doing it all wrong! Uhh, what I'm doing here again? You wanna go smoke some pot?"

The Dentist: "I'll hold him down till you pull all his gold teeth out. Then will pawn this shit and get some booze and weed!"

The Surgeon: "That's a bad ass stitching job you did here. I want to make sweet love to you, dude!"

The Runner: "Hey, you have some change to spare. Hey, don't run away from me."

The Guitarist: Jesus likes country music or likes to party in Kavarna with washed-up heavy metal stars.

The French Horn: "Wow, did you just make that sound!?!?! That's awesome, dude. Do it again!"

The Cow Farmer: "Wow, dude. Look at the jugs on this one. Huge ass tities!"

The Construction Worker: "I love ya, man! You ma boy!"

Pregnant: "It is not mine, is it? I swear I pulled out right on time, babe. Don't be mad at me"

Student: "Come on sweet tits, ditch the books and lets go party. I'm gonna show ya goood times!"

Of cource I wasn't the only one to spot those precious drawings, so some parodies appeared too.