17 февруари 2010

WTF Product of Тhe Day

The WTF Product of the Day was painstakingly engineered and produced by Smitten Mitten. So yeah, the Hand Hugger is a pouchy thing/glove that two people can wear simultaneously while holding hands.

What you can't tell straight from looking at the photo of this lovely couple sharing a precious Hand Hugger moment is that the chick is crashing the guy's balls in the hand hugger.

Here are some more retards actually wearing this shit:

Yeah, dude. Try to run away from the bitch when it turns out she is infested with rabies! She has you locked up in the hand hugger.

And those two... I know proper manners mandate we don't make fun of retarded people but...those two are made for each other and should stay a package deal and in times when they can't remember their names or where they live, they will still have each other (via the bondage of the hand hugger!).

Credit to SI's Extra Mustard.

15 февруари 2010

WTF Movie Action Scene

Мисля, че този филмов откъс тотално ще извини отсъствието ми и липсата на дневни WTF дози в живота ви. Enjoy! (Hat tip to Forscretcho Ma Decho)

1) Отлично включване на конната полиция, в един момент джипки и мотоциклети и изведнъж...
2) На бас ,че пича с червената риза и дългата коса is getting all the pussy in India.
3) Съдейки по броя преследвачи, явно цяла Индия (that's a lot!!!)има зъб на главния герой.
4) Unlimated budget to destroy shit in any imaginable fashion!
5) Индийците са ужасни шофьори (можеби защото всеки индиец, който може да кара кола, кара такси в NY)