17 декември 2009

WTF Work Out Routine

That's just wrong...

So if you want bad-ass calves, all you need is a bench and a couple of steroid induced gay buddies.

03 декември 2009

WTF Makes Rednecks Happy?

1) Monster trucks? Check!
2) NASCAR racing cars? Check!
3) American flag? Check!
4) Chocolate covered bacon on a stick? Check!

Снимката е направена в Des Moine, Iowa...deep in hillbilly territory.
(Credit: jalopnik.com)

WTF Product of Тhe Day

Dr Quinn - Medicine Woman (Доктор Куин Лечителката) Box Set - 42 DVD диска, $170, 7224 минути...Може би ЦРУ е трябвало да използва въпросният комплект вместо waterboarding...

01 декември 2009

WTF Sport of the Day

I know it's not cool to pick on foreign cultures and shit...but Japanese people are just mentaly deranged.Don't believe me? Now, the creators of rape sex games, kamikazi (not the drink version), used panties vending machines, tamagochi and "Hello Kitty" present: The neon lamp fights (Credit to Geekologie.com).

I get the fighting part and the strong desire to smash shit into people's head. I totally buy that. But neon light tubes? Pretty sure the neon light tubes are toxic.

And since we are on a Japanese wave today...Courtesy of Shtekicha, this faboulous of video...one sexy dude: