09 ноември 2011

WTF Nokia C5 Review

I was riding the subway this morning when a Nokia C5 ad poster caught my attention. I did some digging on the internet and came to the conclusion this phone was tailored exclusively for the bohemian Caucasian (a fancy word for white) male. Why? Here is why, bitches!

This is the image of the Nokia C5 that appears most often in the ads and on the internet.

The top 3 contacts on the phone are an Asian chick, a white dude, and a black dude with outrageous afro. The top 3 contacts of any black guy (or any Asian or Latin guy for that matter) would feature exclusively black guys, maybe his black girlfriend. However, all of them would be of the same race! Only a bohemian white dude can afford interracial social interaction of this proportion. And that's cause he is all into diversity and shit.

The Asian chick, Susan, looks like she is a first generation Korean which is a good thing...if you are a white guy dating her. Chances are she has very conservative Korean parents and hence is pretty rebellious and will go bonkers in bed.

Antti - the white Finish guy. Maybe the bff or just the cool European dude that brings exotic pills and DJs at parties.

Bob - black guy, sporting an afro. Maybe another bff, basketball buddy, or just the pot dealer. I bet on the former.

Now lets go back to the bohemian nature of the typical Nokia C5 owner.
"Lunch with Bill 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm." Damn, brother, 2 hour lunch with the homie?
Hey and that's not all. Party at Jo Smith this weekend...Sweet.