24 юни 2009

WTF Rare Human Species

Thanks to Lora, a fellow hater, for this priceless piece of home video that is wrong on so many levels.

So what we have here...A white dude, definetly a steroid junkie, in his late teens, early 20s. His name is Galin Relefa (Галин Релефа). Rumour has it Relefa took over the role of Conan the Barbarian, after Arnie became the governator of California. This explains the sword. Apparently he has a grudge against a person named Gushev (I guess Gushev is his arch-nemesis who is banging his chick or something, maybe he is just the noisy upstairs neighbour). And all this is happening to 2Pac and his "All Eyes on Me". Charming. Please, notice the dude is sporting a picture of his naked masculine body on the wallpaper of his computer. He is so full of himself. Oh, he also proclaims the dawning of the "Relef Era," so sit tight, good times abound!

Any ladies out there who would not want to give birth to his male child?

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