17 февруари 2012

WTF Product of the Day

I don't have a problem with vegetarianism and veganism as concepts and life-style choices. However, I can't really stand vegetarians and vegans that gloat with self-righteousness about their personal beliefs and try to impose those same beliefs on everybody else around them in a Taliban/jehova's witness manner. By yelling and frowning at people for eating meat, which humans are genetically and evolutionary predisposed to do in the first place, you are no better than a religious freak yelling at you for having premarital sex. Actually, one of my roles models Madoxx has covered this matter in great detail. Here and here you can find his wise words.

A while ago, Jones Soda, best known for their can of WhoopAss, launched bacon flavoured soda. That's pretty disgusting shit even for a meat lover like me. I really want to meet the product/brand manager who came up with the product concept and the person who put the seal of approval.

Flavour aside, it is pretty weird such a redneck product comes from Jones Soda. Their whole website, the labels one the bottles and the coloring of the beverages have an indie snowboard/skateboard shop/store to it. And then there is the bacon soda that aims to please the entire Bible belt. 

Nevertheless, Jones Bacon Soda is a great tool test faith of any vegetarian/vegan. Lock him/her up in a room for 5 days without any water, just a six pack of these bad boys.

Also, since the whole flavouring of the drink is chemically induced, just like "liquid smoke" in the meat processing industry, and there is no actual bacon in it, it seems totally fine to be consumed by vegans and vegetarians too. Any vegan who gets the pork munchies once and while should feel free to pop a bottle of Jones Bacon soda without damaging his/her karma and risking burning in hell.

One last note...I would really like to know how all those vegetarians and vegans on Facebook feel about using Facebook and using the social network for propaganda when they know this. I'm not saying. I'm just saying.

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