28 октомври 2010

WTF Music Image Transformation

Every spring March Madness drives the US to a stand still. For the duration of 6 weeks the best college basketball teams battle in a single game elimination tournament. Six weeks of intensity, drama, buzzer beaters and cinderella stories...and once and a while a creepy white kid crying.

Adam Morrison aka The Stache

In 2007 Nuttin But Stringz, a previously obscure duo of NY teenage violinists, scored big with their song "Thunder" as it was selected for the official NCAA March Madness 2007 song. The song got played constantly for six weeks on prime time TV and was tied to a major sports event...A recipe for success. Also, Nuthing But Stringz had an unique history that vibed well with the cinderella (underdogs beating the elite teams) nature of the March Madness - they got spotted by a studio recording manager while playing in the NY subway...

It still makes my blood boil...Unfortunately those are the only videos of a set of 10 or 15 that can be still located on the internet.

So how this those two follow up on that act? With this:

Hey, assholes...Your song makes me go out and kill people on the basketball court...not dance with Barny the Purple Dinasour. WTF!

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