27 октомври 2010

WTF Time Travel

It has been a great week for mankind. The British entrepreneur and billionaire Sir Richard Branson opened the first private space shuttle launching station in the US. In the mean time, the pride of Bulgarian capitalism Grisha Ganchev upped the ante by conquering another frontier - time travel. He set up a time travel station at the football stadium in Lovech, where for a meager price of five levs, people could witness barbaric fights and turn into medieval peasants. In the best traditions of medieval festivals and feudal lords, Grisha Ganchevs comes to the playground with his hound dog and tosses coins to his serfs who kiss his hand and if allowed his ass too. The video did not show how Ganchev procedeed to a local wedding to excersise his birthright to fornicate the bride on her wedding night.

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