04 септември 2009

WTF Athlete of the Day

Meet Andre Smith.

No, he is not some random fat dude partisipating in a reality show involving sprinting, running hurdles, and pole vault (I'd pay money to see fat people do the pole jumping!). He is a pro NFL player, selected 5th in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft by the Cincinaty Bengals. For some reason he decided to go shirtless during the pre-draft work-outs and conditioning tests. What's most disturbing is the guy plays offensive tackle - a position that relies on quick steps and maneuverability. Fat chance of this happening with Andre.

After he signed a $21 million guaranteed contract with the Bengals, Smith went on to break his foot in the very first practice with the team in a no-contact-drill. I guess his ankles could handle his weight.

(Picture credit: Bob Rosato/AP)

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