17 август 2009

It is official - Tweeter is Full of Shit!

Ah, rejoice biatches. A new research by Pear Analytics claims that 40% of the shit posted on Twitter is in fact fecal matter. Another 38% is just conversations. WTF people? Can't you use email or skype or talk on the phone? Oh wait, I forgot - you are attention seeking whores and everybody should be aware of your mind numbing gibberish.

The research also found that only 8% of the shit posted on Twitter is worth anything. Random chance in statistics is like 10-15%...I'm just saying.

Another research by Nielsen Online found that Twitter was having hard time with customer retention. Around 60% of its users fail to return after registering. I don't blame them. You register, you walk in into a raging online diarrhea storm and you run and never turn back.

I'm starting to think I really despise Twitter.
(Shtekich, yo ma man!)

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