28 май 2009

WTF Is Wrong With Twitter

Twitter is the new cool kid on the block. It is the SHIT! Everybody is trying to jump on the bandwagon lately...and it still makes me throw up in my mouth. WTF is wrong with Twitter and its posse?

My guess is Twitter was brought into existence especially for those Facebook users who were obsessed with and relentlessly updated their statuses every 5 minutes (yes - I do have a Facebook account, no - I am not proud of it). So Twitter is the new virtual arena where people can post pseudo insights and try to turn their mundane everyday moments into something glamorous via exhibitionist validation. In a way taking a mean double flash mega shit and twitting about it, makes the above described act cool. Of course some people's shit is cooler, and they get a bunch of followers who hit "Refresh" every 5 seconds to get their dose of Twitt updates. Some food for thought here: how much energy and time is wasted on those mindless updates? Why not spend the time doing something really meaningful and not brag about it?

So yeah, I think Twitter is full of people who use it to pour mental diarrhea and have a feast with it. There is a strong sense of delusion of self-grandeur about it that really bothers me. It is like the people there try to escape from their boring, uneventful lives by looking and praising the same uneventful and fucked up lives of bunch of other sorry-ass fuck faces.

4 коментара:

null каза...

Nai nakraia istinski unjustified hate! Znaeh si che ima smisul da te slozha v RSS readera si.

Hate Delivered!

Zonker каза...

Можем да спорим колко unjustified е бил hate-a, хаха

Maya каза...

може да поспорим когато се запознаеш малко по-добре с Twitter

Zonker каза...

За MingleStick не искаш ли да поспорим?
Самата начална страница на Twitter ми докарва колики. Facebook, даже в оригиналният си най-раннен вариант, също е повърня, рай за attention seeking whores, exhibitionists and peeping toms.
Знаеш ли какъв е проблема с Twitter? Всички се заблуждават, че е hot shit, но никой не може да ти каже, което му е толкова якото и ценното. И типично по стаден тертип, всички се юрват, сакън да не изтърват келепира.
Това е другият проблем - всички им се иска, ама много им се иска, да изтискат value и да кешират.